Bedbugs are a problem that is growing.  These insects are very well adapted to living in apartment buildings.  It is very important to treat aggressively as soon as there is any indication that the pests might be in a building.  At Archways, we have developed the following checklist so that tenants may prepare for treatment.

o  Do Not Remove Any Furniture or Items From the Apartment. All items must be wrapped in plastic and sealed before being removed. It is recommended that you buy a mattress encasement to protect your mattress and kill any bedbugs that may be in your mattress.

 o  Remove all sheets, blankets, towels, mattress covers, pillowcases, pillows, etc. from your beds. Gather all linen, cloth, leather bags, mattress covers, clothing, stuffed animals, etc. Machine wash all items on hot including the laundry bag. Tumble dry on hot.  Fold them and place them in plastic garbage bags. Do not put bed coverings or other items that may become infected back on the bed until the evening after pest control service. DO NOT wash at onsite laundry

o  Remove everything from bedroom and hall closets. Your closets must be empty. Empty all dresser drawers and nightstand drawers. Take everything out of nightstands and other furniture near the beds. Dresser drawers and nightstands must be empty. Remove all clothing, toys, boxes, etc. from bedroom floors. Any item that needs to be removed from floors needs to be double bagged and placed in the living room.

o  Carefully inspect all Items that cannot be washed: books, electronics, picture frames, plastic toys, etc.  If insecticides are going to be used, place children’s toys into plastic bags or storage bins (only if they are bed bug free)

o  Vacuum floors, furniture, and inside closets, dresser drawers, and bed stands. Also vacuum mattresses and box springs. Dispose of vacuum bag in sealed plastic bag. Wash all floors thoroughly.


o  A cluttered home is difficult to inspect and more difficult to treat because bed bugs can find many hiding places.  Throw away unneeded items. Pick up and double bag all loose items in bedrooms (e.g., in the bottom of a closet) and other rooms that will be treated.  Make sure that these items are treated (if needed) or inspected before returning these items  to make sure you are not also returning bed bugs to the treated room(s).

o  Make sure the technician can get into all closets. If possible, move bedroom furniture away from walls so there is a 3-foot space between the furniture and walls.

o  Make sure there are no animals or people in the apartment during treatment and for at least 2 hours afterwards (check with the pest control technician for the exact time).

o  Do Not Remove Any Furniture or Items from the apartment. Items must be wrapped in plastic and sealed before being removed.

o  After Treatment- Vacuum and clean apartment regularly and thoroughly.

o  Alert management at first sign of bed bugs.

o  A follow up treatment will occur within 2 to 3 weeks.

If you are not sure if there are bedbugs in a building or if you are not sure which units may contain bedbugs you can hire a company to search for bedbugs with a dog.  A company we have used in the past is Round the Clock Pest Control.  There webside is